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Cooling Services in Payette, IDIf you’re looking for a trusted, reliable HVAC contractor in Payette, ID, McCrea Plumbing Heating Air offers over seven decades of industry experience. Our technicians are fully certified and licensed to work in the local area, and we offer a wide range of cooling services that include full installs and system replacements, air conditioning repairs and air conditioning maintenance. We’re confident in our services, and all work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

From minor repairs to complete system overhauls, you can count on us to provide the best solutions to meet your needs and budget. Contact our AC company today to learn more about our services in Payette.

Professional AC Repair in Payette

Some signs that indicate your HVAC system may be in need of repair include warm air blowing from your AC unit, high levels of humidity in the home and unusual noises coming from your furnace or air conditioner. Low refrigerant is one of the most common reasons for warm air coming from the AC, while high humidity levels can sometimes point to issues with AC evaporator coils. Unusual noises are often due to loose screws, broken belts and loose fan blades, among other issues. No matter how minor the HVAC issue may seem, we always recommend consulting with an HVAC professional to accurately determine the source of the problem.

AC Services in Payette, ID
Signs your AC System needs repairs:
  • Unusual noises like banging or hissing
  • Concerning smells
  • Leaks coming from the unit
  • Weak airflow or inability to get cold

Top-Notch AC Installation

Should you find yourself in need of a replacement, our team at McCrea Plumbing Heating Air is on the job! There are signs that your cooling system needs a replacement rather than another repair to be mindful of. For instance, your energy bill has been surging with no explanation, or your system hardly blows out cool air at all. The most common symptom, other than a complete breakdown, is back to back repairs.

If you’re consistently calling for repairs and the problem doesn’t seem to be getting resolved, it’s probably time for a replacement. When this occurs, our team will assess the situation and give you all your options so you can get back to being cool and comfortable at home.

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Cooling Maintenance When You Need it

Scheduling regular maintenance for cooling with a professional HVAC contractor can help you save time and money in the long run, as our technicians can detect minor issues before they turn into expensive repairs. We offer cooling maintenance plans to ensure your system is in good working condition at the start of each season.

It’s important to see that your cooling system is looked at at least once a year to keep it in good working order and to prevent the need for repairs or replacement sooner than later.

We’re looking forward to assisting you with all of your cooling needs. Contact us at McCrea Plumbing Heating Air today to schedule an appointment with us today!


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